Pros And Cons of Having A Polaroid Camera

It is hard to decide what the best instant camera is. However, one of the most famous and popular instant camera is the Polaroid camera.

Like any other instant cameras and digitals camera, a Polaroid camera has its own pros and cons. If you are interested in buying one, it is worth reading about both of its good side and bad side in order to make the most informed decision.

Let’s first explore about the benefits of having a Polaroid camera:

1/ It Is Light And Very Easy To Use

In fact, in a Polaroid camera, there is no add-in feature or other fancy built in application. Therefore, the camera is very light and easy to use.

You don’t have to read a large manual book in order to know how to take picture with a Polaroid camera. The settings in the Polaroid camera are also very simple and seem like there is no need to change any of it.

2/ It Is Fun

I think this is one of the biggest reasons to explain why people, especially teenagers want to purchase one Polaroid camera.

It is fun to take a picture with your friends and can instantly print it out. It is also very fun to wait for the result to appear on the film. Nobody knows what the outcome will be like hence all waiting in excitement.

Instant camera is also very fun for parties. You can take a lot of fun and candid shots and give it to your guests before the come home as a gift.

3/ It Is Physical

The world we live in today is so different from 20 30 years before. You might take thousands of pictures with your friends and family and post them on your social media page like Instagram or Facebook. But I am pretty sure that the number of printed pictures you have decreases over time. Therefore, Polaroid offers a really sentimental value when you receive a picture from your friends.

I once had a friend who needed to move to other countries. On the last day I saw her, we took 2 Polaroid picture together. They were printed out immediately and we kept one of each in our pocket.

I will never get to remember such a loving memory with a digital camera.

4/ It Offer Great Vintage Pictures

The main difference between a picture taken by digital camera and a picture taken by a Polaroid film is that a Polaroid picture provides a retro look with a white frame. This unique look cannot be copied by any digital camera.

Also with great vintage pictures, you can decorate your house with a lot of these and create a theme of retro for your house.

That is all about the benefits of having a Polaroid camera. Now we will move to the next part about its drawbacks.

1/ It Is Expensive

For a digital camera, the cost you need is only an upfront cost. You don’t need to pay each time you take a picture.

However, you need to pay each for the film in case of taking pictures with a Polaroid camera. It is very expensive to buy a Polaroid camera. It is even more expensive to pay for each film. It would cost you from about 1 to 2 dollars depending on how much you pay for a pack of 10 films.

And because you don’t have chance to look back at what pictures you just take, some will not be as nice as you think it would be. Then you have to take pictures again, making it even more expensive.

2/ The Quality of the Picture

As I mention before, you don’t have many features as well as other digital cameras. There is no landscape mode, zoom in zoom out feature. The flashlight of a Polaroid camera is not as good as one of the digital camera.

Therefore, you should know that the quality of the pictures taken from the Polaroid camera cannot match your expectation.

Furthermore, the processing time when you take pictures from a Polaroid camera is pretty long. If you cannot hold your arm still during the time it process, the picture will turn out really blur.

Overall, having a Polaroid camera brings you a lot of benefit. It is fun, it is physical and it is very light and easy to use. However, it is also very expensive and the results of the pictures are not as high as the pictures we take with digital cameras.

If you like to take vintage pictures and create valuable memories without worrying much about the cost and the quality of the picture, you will not regret the decision of buying a Polaroid camera.

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