Tips & Tricks On Traveling On A Budget

Traveling can be really expensive if you treat yourself with first class airfare and 5-star hotels, not to mention an excessive amount of shopping. If you consider traveling as an opportunity to spend money then it would be OK. However, if you want to travel to experience and don’t have much money then you should consider some budget friendly options.

In this article, I will provide you some information on these options so that you can still explore new places and don’t have to waste a lot of your hard earned money.

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A/ Search for Transportation Deal

Traveling by budget airlines is much cheaper. They don’t provide you extra space on board, extra food, and fancy wine but still take you to your destination. If you only want to travel for the sake of travel, you can skip all the fancy extra services and still feel ok.

If you travel by train or bus, there are also cheaper options for you to choose from. Also in America or Europe, you can buy a train pass which offers you certain days of traveling by train with a fixed cost.

travel budget

Remember that it is always cheaper to buy ticket long before the time you intend to travel. It is also cheaper to buy tickets online rather buying directly from the coach driver or in a train station.

If you come to a small city, the cheapest option would be walking, and then rent a bike or go buy a bus. A taxi would be the most expensive.

Check price carefully and check multiple times using comparison websites such as Skyscanner and Kayak.

B/ Search for Accommodation Deal

Forget about hotel if you want to stay cheap. Go for Youth Hostels and Backpacker Hostels instead. There are plenty of good hostel with proper kitchen and bathroom facilities. Furthermore, sleeping in an open space with a lot of travelers brings you an opportunity to have a chit chat and share your traveling experience.

You can also consider combing sleeping and traveling by night train to cut costs.

Look for a friend or relatives who live in your destination. Make sure you be a good and polite guest and don’t stay too long.

C/ Spend Your Days Cheaply

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be able to enjoy the city you are visiting.

First of all, visit free or cheap attractions. Most of the museums in big cities are free.

Furthermore, some cities offer free activities such as a free walking tour in which you can enjoy a free tour; you can walk and you have a chance to understand the city from the locals.

Also look for discounts wherever you go such as buy 2 or 1 prices or combing tickets of train and tourist attraction entrance fees.

Avoid eating out. Bring snacks and noodles. Some hostel offers kitchen facilities so you can buy ingredients from the market and cook. If you want to experience local cuisine, you can try street food or go to a decent family restaurant.

Think again about buying the cheesy souvenir. Most of the time, they are a waste money and do not have any memorial value.


I hope that you can learn something useful from this article. In general, the most important thing to stay on budget is to plan as early as possible for you can find some good deals on travel and accommodation. Also, plan carefully the itinerary and follow that plan and soon you will be able to travel to anywhere you want.



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