Tips & Tricks For Protecting Your Laptop

In common sense, the laptop can be seen as a very important asset for many people. Regardless of the price, a laptop also contains many important documents, pictures, workloads, etc. Especially for bloggers or people who work online, making sure that their laptop is secured is one of the priority.

If you are owning a laptop, here is the list of tips and tricks that can help you protect your laptop from damages and theft. Otherwise, you still do not have a laptop of yourself and concern to buy one that is the most suitable for your preferences such as:

It is significantly dangerous if your laptop is not safe and hacked by someone else. Not only your data is stolen but also your bank account, credit card details also are at risk. In order not to loose any kind of your information or email details, please kindly check these tips.

1/ A Good Laptop Bag

While walking or going around in the street, there is a threat for your laptop to be stolen by someone else. A secure laptop bag can help you cover your laptop and make it harder to the thefts to put their hands on your laptop. Even though the more secure the laptop is inside the bag, the more work you need to do to take it in and out, it is still worth to protect your laptop.

Moreover, a quality laptop bag also plays as a case to prevent any shocking or falling. When moving around in the streets or in the trains, there are many things that can affect your laptop, a bag will help your laptop be anti-shocking. Otherwise, your laptop may be damaged because of falling or hitting with other subjects and obstacles.

2/ Use Password For Login

Many people will say that it is annoying and taking time for then when they need to type the password to open their laptop. However, it is a very basic way of secure your laptop when someone tries to access it. There is no way to keep your information and data being accessed by other than using a password for login.

By not using a password for the laptop, you have left a big hole for others to see your data. In order to level up your protection of the laptop, you can use more complicated password rather than your birthday or phone number. A strong password should include Alphabet, numeric and special characters.

3/ Protecting Your Laptop Screen

There are two screen areas in your laptop that you should protect as following your laptop skin and laptop screen. The skin of your laptop should be protected from dust, water, scratch, etc. However, you can apply skin cover to protect that part of the laptop. There are many designs, colors, graphics and sizes available for your choices and enhancing the look of your laptop.

One of the best ways to protect your computer screen applies a transparent cover sheet. Especially for a touchscreen laptop, the protection is crucial. It will help avoid nay scratch or physical damages that can interfere with your laptop screen. In addition, nowadays there are also keyboard skins to protect your keyboard as well.

4/ Backup Your Data

You should always back up your files somewhere else like in a hard drive or in the cloud. It is better to prepare in advance than cure. There are many online sites that allow you to store up to some amount of GB for free. In case you want to store more, you can pay a fee for unlimited storage. Otherwise, you can buy a hard drive or a portable USB to back up your data.

5/ Anti-virus Software

Not only your laptop is in danger of being stolen by someone but it can also be infected by viruses. There are many ways that virus can attack your laptop by daily click such as opening an email attachment, answering questionnaires, clicking on online advertisement. There are providers which offer you limited protection in free anti-virus software. Unlimited protection package most likely asks you to buy for an annual account.

6/ Proper Shutdown And Using

You should update your software regularly to fix the previous problem and small bugs. By updating your apps, you can add extra features to fit in the current condition. Moreover, you should avoid to shut down your laptop suddenly. A normal manual shut down by shutting down button is recommended to keep your laptop healthy.

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