Why Should You Upgrade To A DSLR Camera

It must be very difficult for you to choose which camera is the best for your preference. Camera shopping is also considered as tough. If you still do not determine on which type of camera whether a DSLR, mirrorless or point-and-shoots one to buy, check out this guide.

The following article concerns about benefits of having a DSLR. Therefore, you can self-determine whether a DSLR fits your demands or not. A DSLR camera works the best for those who actually want to pursue photography hobby seriously and those who are professional photographers that require advanced camera’s features. Here are five reasons on upgrading to a DSLR camera.

1/ Better Quality

A DSLR camera is known to offer you larger sensor in most of the camera. A large sensor also means large pixel sizes. Therefore, you are able to capture pictures well even in dark situation. A DSLR camera gives you a much lighter picture than a mirrorless or point-and-shoots camera in the same condition.

For example, two cameras, one DSLR camera, and one point-and-shoots camera both shoot a picture at ISO 1600, the pictures come from the DSLR camera will have less noise than that from the point-and-shoots camera. A DSLR camera will have faster shutter speed, less grain as well as less noise in JPEG picture.

2/ Interchangeable lenses

The lens of a DSLR camera is compatible with changes with different lenses. You can have a telelens or a micro-lens depending on your purpose of using. Therefore, you are able to meet the mot expectation when you capture an object or a scene. You are also able to capture a small object which is far away in very detail with a good particular lens.

For DSLR camera, there are various choices of lenses that fit your camera body. In comparison, there are fewer lenses offed for a mirrorless camera than a DSLR camera. A DSLR is also flexible when you need to add on equipment such as flash and filter. The image quality also has a strong relationship with the quality of the lens you use.

3/ Optical Viewfinder

A DSLR camera allows you to view the scene through the lens of your camera. There is a mirror inside the camera to reflex exactly what is shown from the camera lens. This feature is shown by its name as a reflex lens with mirror. In comparison, a mirrorless camera does not feature you this functionality.

4/ ISO Range

ISO indicates how sensitive your camera’s sensor is to light. In your camera, ISO is shown as the number for example ISO 100. ISO 200. ISO 400, ISO 600. A DSLR camera does offer you a larger range of ISO than others. There is DSLR camera that has ISO 25 000 or ISO 102 000. It means that you can take a lighter picture even in low light condition.

5/ Manual Mode

It is also a reason to upgrade to a DSLR because the camera offers you manual control. With manual mode, you will have the greatest control over how you shoot your pictures by choosing ISO, aperture and shutter speed. Whereas, a less compact camera like point-and-shoots or phone camera does not support manual mode.

6/ Better Value Retaining

A DSLR camera also holds longer value as there is no often update from the manufacturer while a point-and-shoots camera does usually get often update. Therefore, the price and value of a point-and-shoots camera do not hold for a long period while the value of a DSLR camera is also defined by its lenses.

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